All about Next Library 2017

Next Library 2017 took place in Dokk1, Aarhus June 11-14 2017. 


The program was co-created with participants and partners.
There were 350 participants from 38 different countries at Next Library 2017: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroun, Canada, China, Columbia, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Kenya, Lithuania, Macedonia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Romania, Saint Lucia, Switzerland, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, UK and USA

Revisit the highlights in this video

Feedback from the participants!


Peter MacLeod: Peter MacLeod Keynote slides / Interview | Keynote video

Philipp Schmidt: Keynote slides: Philipp Schmidt / Public Library Innovation Exchange / P2PU / Interview | Keynote video

HRH Princess Laurentien: Interview | Keynote video

Deborah Jacobs: Interview  |  Keynote video

Christian Byrge

Interactive Sessions

Read about all Interactive Sessions here

Quick links to videos, slides and pictures from sessions: 

Open data mon amour

Rethinking the digital library with user-driven innovation: Pictures from session

Place it!: Slides from session / Project website

Library as retreat space: Robot Meditation / Session video

The Play to STEM Continuum: Presentation / Science is for everyone, kids included!Summer Brain Games /

Smart Libraries: Measure the Future / 

Eat this

Interestdriven learning

Ignite Talks

Monday Morning
(Laura Norris, Ilyani Suhaimi, Rob Davies, Christian Byrge, Simona Villa, Arianna Vignati, Riccardo Demicelis, Katherine McConachie)

Monday Afternoon 1
(Lotte Hviid Dhyrbye, Krist Bewbauw, Neil MacInnes, Hannah Gent,)

Monday Afternoon 2
(Laura Norris, Neemat Daud Abdulrahim, Erin Berman, Grif Peterson)

Tuesday Morning 1
(Kate Ogden and Carolyn Robertson, Anneleen Schelstraete, Ella Snell, Michael Stephens)

Tuesday Morning 2
Elif Tinaztepe and Anette Bjerring Gammelgård, Erik Hofmeister and Anna Kathrine Bisgaard, Lone Keast)

Tuesday Afternoon 1
(Larry Neal, Lotta Muurinen, Susan Benton, Koen Vandendriessche)

Tuesday Afternoon 2
(Thomas Skov Jensen, Gary Soh, Traci Lesneski, Charles Kampen Poeghela)

Wednesday Morning 1
(Rafal Kramza, Rebecca Sears, Scott Allen, Jakob Lærkes)

Wednesday Morning 2
(Uma Hiremath, Esther Omella CLAPAROLS, Story Bellows and David Giles, Anna-Maria Soinivaara, Stacie Ledden Ledden and Erica Grossman)

Wednesday Afternoon 1
(Katherine Bryant, Petar Lukačić, Matt Little, Hugh Waters and Ciara Eastell, Louise Agger Nexø)

Wednesday Afternoon 2
(Stephan de Vilder, Jason Griffey, Eugenijus Stratilatovas, Emilie Oksholt and Arendse Ørding)

Next Library Daily





The wow-factor at the Next Library Festival 2017

Meet the Scholarships 

Meet the Joy of Reading Award Winner!


Find videos online here


National Library of Lithuania: Virtural Reality Library Portal

Boulder Public Library: World Maker Map

Design thinking: Design thinking for Libraries Toolkit

Articles & blogs

EiFL Blog
The wow factor at the Next Library Festival 2017

Hugh Waters
Social and financial value in libraries - thought and ideas from Next Library 2017 ub Aarhus

Kirstie Nicholson
Innovation in Public Libraries - Learning from International Library Practice

Michael Stephens
What's Next | Office hours

Mignon Hadie, South Africa:
Introducing the rock stars of knowledge economy

Project Sisu
Next Library 2017 

Rebecca T. Miller
Asking for More: Four new Approaches to Community Engagement - Editorial

Rebecca T. Miller, USA
International, Interactive Innovation - Next Library 2017

Shana Hinze, Miami
Next Library 2017 : An International Library Conference

Shirley Bateman, Australia: 
Top 10 take aways from Next Library 2017

Peter Alsbjer, Sweden
Next Library 2017 Revisited

Knight Foundation: 
Five lessons for libraries looking to innovation in the 21st century

City Library "Braka Miladinvoci Skopje, Marcedonia
Next Library in Aarhus Denmark 2017

Progress Foundation
Next Library 2017

Articles in German
Marianne Gold
Begeistert von der Next Library Conference in Aarhus juni 2017

Articles and blogs in Danish

Hellen Niegaard
Next Library 2017

Jakob Langdal Jensen
Facts om folks færden designer fremtidens bibliotek


Christian Byrge on creativity

Want to train your creativity? 

If you want to train your creativity you can access Christian Byrges online creativity platform here: (note: this site is temporary)

From September 1st you can access the training program here:

Smart Library Experiment

Jakob Langdal explaining the experiment

More about the experiment

Get social with us




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Our good friends and partners at EIFL have great news! The new EIFL Public Library Innovation Award call – for public libraries supporting education recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic – is now open for applications.

Read more about the award here.

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