Ignite Next Library Talks 2019

“Enlighten us but make it quick!” is the slogan of Ignite Talks

In the past we have been enlightened by many great Ignite Talks at the last Next Library Festivals. This year we are ready to continue the success and of course lift it up to another level. And therefore we called for ideas and proposals. We received more than 70 proposals!

The Ignite Next Library 2019 line up is:

1: Libraries in Times of Social Crisis

Library and Culture Center Herredsvang team up to support the local community

Bente Kjærgaard, Team leader, Aarhus Public Libraries, Branches, West and Susanne Bøgelund, Leader of the social housing work/ Culture Center Herredsvang, Denmark

Let’s Occupy These F-word* Libraries!

Camelia Crisan, PhD, Executive Director, Progress Foundation and Claudia Serbanuta, PhD Community Development Manager, Progress Foundation, Romania

Working for inclusion: the travelling Roma population as active library users

Hanna Hopea, Special library assistant, Helsinki Central Library Oodi and Severi Hirvi, Librarian, Central Library Oodi, Finland

The transformative power of Marvila Public Library

Susana Silvestre, Head of Division of the Lisbon Libraries Network (Lisbon City Council, Portugal), Portugal

Safe ( r ) Space Libraries in times of the Hunger Games

Samu Eeve, Information Specialist, Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Helsinki, Finland

Loneliness and libraries – a presentation of a work addressing a society problem

Emil Brøsen, Librarian and a candidate in film studies, Aarhus Public Libraries, Branches, South and Maria Grønnebæk Hisselholm, Project Manager Physical Spaces, Aarhus Public Libraries, Branches, South, Denmark

2: Civic Media and Data Democracy

Engaging children as reading ambassadors to promote leisure reading

Mette Rabek Poulsen, Teacher and Librarian, Family & Children, Dokk1, Aarhus and Sif Lüscher Rauff, Projectleader ALBUS, Dokk1, Aarhus, Denmark

Oodi - New frontiers in a Library environment

Petri Hellgren, Media worker, Culture and Leisure Sector, Helsinki Central library Oodi , Helsinki, Finland

Ways of telling history from public libraries in Colombia: the patrimonial collection of Acción Cultural Popular (ACPO) and Radio Sutatenza’s educational system

Juan Pablo Angarita Bernal, Director of Digital Library BibloRed – Red Distrital de Bibliotecas Públicas of Bogotá, Columbia

A Life presented to the Archive Brings Life to the Archive

Søren Bitsch Christensen, City Archivist, Aarhus Stadsarkiv, Aarhus, Denmark

“How to get hold of social media buzz” – grappling twitter data and visualise by simple steps and tools

Jeannette Ekstrøm, DTU Library at Technical University of Denmark and Hazel Engelsmann, Aarhus University Library, Denmark

Score a Book!: Combine football with reading, because you can score anywhere

Jolanda Robben, Advisor, Biblionet Groningen, Netherlands

3: Temporary Spaces

Gagarin – Exploring library agency for youths in urban area

Rickard Sjöholm – Librarian and team leader of the Gagarin-team at Malmö City Library, Malmö, Lisa Berger – Librarian and member of the Gagarin-team at Malmö City Library and Martin Memet Könick – Head of Section for the section for Youths aged 9-25 at Malmö City Library, Malmö, Sweden

Summer Garden: from parking plot to an oasis of citizens

Heli Roisko, Chief Librarian, Chief Librarian Rikhardinkatu library/Helsinki City Library, Finland

Libraries For All… and Libraries In All Places

Crystal Chen, Senior Librarian, The New York Public Library, Maggie Craig, Senior Librarian, The New York Public Library and Katrina Ortega, Senior Librarian, The New York Public Library, United States

“Encourage the Unexpected – Showrooms as Testing Grounds”.

Tim Leik, Programme Manager Sunday Events, Central and Regional Library Berlin, Germany and Juliana Pranke, Head of Customer Service Unit, Central and Regional Library Berlin, Germany

'Grass Root Libraries Revitalizing Rural China'

Zizhou Wang, Professor, Department of Information   Management, Peking University, Head of the Grass Root Library Association Preparatory Group and  Lu Qiu, Director General, Beijing Brooks Education Center, Deputy Head of the Grass Root Library Association Preparatory Group, China

Gallery for your Dreams

Jaime Kopke, Manager of Program, Events & Outreach Manager, Boulder Public Library Boulder, CO, US

Data driven method to understand people behavior in temporary indoor spaces

Andrew Khoudi, PhD-Fellow, Aarhus School of Architecture, Aarhus, Denmark

4: Game Changing Tech & Emerging Trends

No courses, no books, let them learn: building an educational escape room for classes

Reda van der Putten, Project Manager Medialab Eemland, Public Library Eemland and Stijn Lauwen, Instructor Medialab Eemland , Public Library Eemland, Netherlands

A new Participatory budgeting model in Helsinki

Mariliis Kuukuma, Information Specialist Helsinki City Library, Finland

The (Game) Changing Library

Elif Tinaztepe, Associate Partner,  Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, Aarhus, Anette Bjerring Gammelgård, Senior Architect,  Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, Aarhus and Waleria Kudera, Architect, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, Aarhus, Denmark

Designing a Social Robot in the Library

Sanna Huttunen, Specialized Librarian Central Library Oodi, Helsinki City Library, Finland

When the wind of change blows, some people build walls and others build windmills - Resilient libraries absorb, adapt and carry on

Ulla Pötsönen, Independent library advocate, Czech Republic

Culture Buddies

Lene Hartig Danielsen, Head of Citizens' Services, City of Aarhus, Denmark

From Temporary Spaces to Lasting Communities

Jacqueline Banford, Stadtbibliothek Mitte von Berlin, Sachgebietsleitung Makerspace, Germany

We reserve the right to alterations & surprises!

What is an Ignite Next Library Talk? 

Ignite Talks are short and fast-paced and each talk is 5 minutes with 20 slides that automatically advance in short intervals. The presentations are meant to ignite the audience on a subject or an idea that you think is worth sharing. The Ignite Talks are clustered in sessions and are followed up by talks and Q&As with the audience at the end of each session.

Ignite Next Library Talks must address one of the themes for Next Library 2019: Libraries in Times of Social Crises, Civic Media and Data Democracy, Temporary Spaces and Game Changing Tech & Emerging Trends.

Ignite Next Library is an opportunity for Next Library participants to share innovative projects of international relevance with other Next Library participants. Next Library is all about network and conversations about the library of the future. We hope the Ignite Next Library Talks will enhance connections between up-coming library innovators and experienced professionals across the world.  

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Themes at Next Library 2019

• Libraries in Times of Social Crisis
• Civic Media and Data Democracy
• Temporary Spaces
• Game Changing Tech & Emerging Trends

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Sold out in only 12 days!

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Next Library 2019 is sold out! We are looking forward to welcoming people from 27 countries at Next Library 2019: Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Germany, Ghana, Iceland, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Namibia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania,…



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