Interactive Sessions 2017

The interactive sessions bring together library innovators, practitioners, researchers, designers and researcher from different parts of the world to discuss and explore the future of libraries. The sessions are interactive and hands-on and involve the participants in new ways! 

Check out the interactive sessions 2017 here:

Knight Foundation Community Workshop

Design Thinking LIVE

Design Thinking: Ready for change?

Digital Publishing Toolkit for Libraries and Beyond

Place It - Exploring Digital Place and Activity Centric Services

Inspired by a library

Libraries as Platforms for Hands-on Interestdriven Learning

Eat this Workshop!

The Library as Retreat Space

Open Data Mon Amour

Smart Libraries

Connection through Collection

Even Kids can do it: Making online learning work for your community

Creating Culture

The librarian as change agent and community learning connector

Listening to Create

The Play to STEM Continuum

Rethinking the digital library with user driven innovation

How do I sign up for a session?

The answer is: you can't sign up in advance! You can follow the session and tap into their ideas by following and adding comments at their session website. When you are here for Next Library you will go to the sessions you want to - usually there are room for all the people who would like to attend the sessions!

Session Facilitators: get your guidelines here!


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New dates: 2 Next Library Events in 2021

Posted by Next Library on May 20, 2020 at 12:30 0 Comments

 Next Library Satellite Brisbane 2021

After careful consideration and consultation with Aarhus Public Libraries and other collaborators, State Library of Queensland has made the decision to postpone Next Library Satellite Brisbane to 2021.

The new dates for the event are 9 October—12 October 2021.


Next Library 2021 in Dokk1, Aarhus,…


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