Interactive Sessions 2019

The interactive sessions bring together library innovators, practitioners, researchers, designers and researcher from different parts of the world to discuss and explore the future of libraries. The sessions are interactive and hands-on and involve the participants in new ways! 

The interactive sessions reflect the four themes for Next Library 2019
• Libraries in Times of Social Crisis
• Civic Media and Data Democracy
• Temporary Spaces
• Game Changing Tech & Emerging Trends

The 2019 Line Up

We have a line-up of excellent sessions. There will be 4 time slots:

Monday 3 june / 11-12.30

Temporary Space for Intergenerational Learning

Room: Breakout session at Gejst Studio in Mejlgade
Jesper Boberg Bang, Gejst
Julka Almquist, Independent design researcher
Brittany Erickson, Transcend, USA
Rob Strain, Transcend, USA

Creative Kits

Room: Tweenslab
Katherine McConachie, Assistant Director of the ML Learning Initiative, MIT Media Lab, USA
Lydia Guterman, Library Outreach Coordinator, ML Learning Initiative, MIT Media Lab, USA
Doyung Lee, Learning Activities Designer, ML Learning Initiative, MIT Media Lab, USA

Who´s in Charge? How algorithmic decisions shape our lives

Room: U1 + U2
Siri Beerends (SETUP)
Mariken van Meer (Bibliotheek Utrecht)
Jelle van der Ster (SETUP)

Building Libraries that Empower and Welcome Youth From All Backgrounds

Room: Small Hall
Kristyn Caragher, Teen Librarian, Chicago, USA
Katrina Ortega, Senior Young Adult Librarian
Maggie Craig, Senior Children'st Librarian
Crystal Chen, Senior Young Adult Librarian, The New York Public Library, USA

Built for Inclusion

Room: M2
Traci Lesneski, Principal, MSR Design, USA

Mission possible: Libraries addressing social challenges

Room: CFIA

 IYALI(the Young African Library Innovators initiative2019): 
Hayford Siaw, Executive Director (AG) of the Ghana Library Authority, Ghana
Kennedy Rutoh, Senior ICT Assistant at Kenya National Library Service / Narok Public Library, Kenya
Jemmimah Maragwa, Librarian in charge at Kenya National Library Service / Embu Public Library, Kenya
Claret Misika, Senior Librarian at Omungwelume Community Library, Namibia
Constance Chilipa, Provincial Librarian at Solwezi Zambia Library Service Provincial Library, Zambia
Mary Mubanga Mamba, Provincial Librarian at Mongu Zambia Library Service Provincial Library, Zambia

Assisting team – EIFL: Ramune Petchuvaite, Rima Kupryte & Edvaldas Baltrunas

Monday 3 june / 13.30-15.00

IDEALIFICATION: Understanding the broader meaning of gamification within digital services for libraries

Room: M.2
Anya Ernest, Project Assistant in the PLACED-project at Chalmers University of Technology (SE), and Service Designer at Evry Sweden AB.

Eva Eriksson, Assistant Professor in Interaction design at Aarhus University (DK) and Senior Lecturer at Chalmers University of Technology (SE). Manager of the Swedish partners in the PLACED-project.


Room: Small hall
David SCHNEE, Principal Architect + Planner, Group 4 Architecture, Research + Planning (South San Francisco, CA)
Andrew CHANSE, Executive Director of the Spokane Public Library

Virtual presence:
Kirk BERGSTROM, President, WorldLink (San Francisco, CA, US)
Nate HILL, Executive Director of the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) (New York, NY)

Scaling Social Cohesion: Co-Creating Library-Led Community Resilience

Room: U1 + U2
Rebecca T. Miller, Editorial Director, Library Journal & School Library Journal, NY, USA
Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, Executive Director, Mid-Hudson Library System, NY, USA

City Lab Breakout Session

Room: Breakout Session at City Lab
Kim Stannov Søvsø, Aarhus City Lab

Technologies for Libraries to Realize Communities Cohesive Societies

Room: Tweenslab
Akihiko MURAI,  (Human Augmentation Research Center, AIST, JAPAN), Ikue MORI (Human Augmentation Research Center, AIST, JAPAN), Koichi KOJIMA (Human Augmentation Research Center, AIST, JAPAN), Hiroshi SATO (Human Informatics Research Institute, AIST, JAPAN), Kotaro OHBA (Robot Innovation Research Center, AIST, JAPAN)

Tuesday 4 june / 10.30-12.00

Getting your hands dirty with data

Room: Tweenslab
Jantien Borsboom: Project Manager and Community Librarian at Library of Midden-Brabant, the Netherlands

Frederik Theuwis: Project Leader Innovation at Cubiss (Provincial Support Organisation for Libraries), The Netherlands

Become a designer and start PAIN-storming!

Room: The Box
Wieske van der Velden, Imke de Korte, Robin Verleisdonk: The Public Library of Eindhoven, Innovationteam Expeditie Anton

The Power of Stories: Inspiring, Inclusive & Creative Approaches to Community Engagement

Room: Small Hall
Kylie Carlson, Coordinator of Community Learning and Partnerships at Yarra Libraries
Dr. Michael Stephens, Dr. Michael Stephens is Associate Professor in the School of Information at San Jose State University.
Felicity Macchion, Library Manager Yarra Libraries
Jason Evans Groth, Digital Media Librarian at NCSU Libraries

Defeat the virus! Exploring the potential of game-based learning!

Room: M.2
Katariina Ervasti, Partnership Manager, Vantaa City Library, Finland
Heli Koskinen, Librarian, Vantaa City Library, Finland

Library Hugs

Room: CFIA
Erin Berman, Learning Group Division Director and Deb Sica, Deputy County Librarian, Alameda County Library

Public libraries as learning space to promote data literacy for civic participation among women

Room: U1 + U2
Kemly Camacho, Director, Sula Batsu Cooperative. Costa Rica
Maria Garrido, Principal Research Scientist, Technology & Social Change Group (TASCHA), University of Washington Information School. United States
Chris Rothschild, Senior Research Scientist, Technology & Social Change Group (TASCHA), University of Washington Information School. United States

Room: Data Lab
Rahul Bhargava, Civic Media Lab, MIT
Jane Kunze, Maker Specialist, Aarhus Public Libraries / Dokk1

Tuesday 4 june / 13.45-14.45

Music in Everyday Life: Connecting Hearta, Breaking Barriers

Room: The Box
Éva Kelemen, Team Leader, Music Department and Makerspace. Sello Library, Espo, Finland
Sakari Heikka, Library Pedagogue, Sello Library, Espo, Finland

How can social infrastructure knit the library field together?

Room: Small Hall
Public Libraries 2030 / Ilona Kish, The Netherlands
Andre Wilkins, Director of the European Cultural Foundation, Belgium

Real or fake news?

Room: Data Lab
Lone Engel Westphall, Head of Department Learning and Knowledge, Viborg Libraries
Jeanne Skak Harboe, Viborg Libraries
Alistair Alexander, Tactile Tech, Berlin

Meet the Design Thinkers

Room: CFIA
Meet Aarthus Public Libraries' Design Thinking Ambassadors


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