Monday Mingle Tours // 17.30 - 19.00

Join a Monday Mingle Tour. We have created 5 unique tours to different parts, decades and cultures of Aarhus.

All tours meet at Dokk1 17.30 at The Main Staircase outside. 

Tour #1: The Historical // a city walk - Explore the genesis of Aarhus as well as contemporary hotspots and recent game-changing urban regeneration of Aarhus by following in the footsteps of the city archivist on a walking tour. The tour will take you to the Viking area, the Medieval City Centre, backyards with industrial heritage and through the heart of the urban movement of recent decades. (25 persons)

Tour #2: The Explorer // a Harbour walk- Come join a guided harbour walk to exploit old and new secrets about Aarhus. Aarhus was in the viking age a center for trade, ship-building and it was from the river mouth that the famous danish Viking king Svein Forkbeard conquered England. This story and many other stories about the cultural history of the city, stories about city development and stories about biology, seals and the worlds smallest whale will unfold on this exciting harbour walk. (25 persons)

Tour #3: The City for everone // a visit to The FO City - The FO City vision emphasizes being a city for everybody, quality of life, the ability and will to exceed limits, and the will to "learn to learn". The FO-city breaks down the traditional institutional model and organizes and strengthens active citizenship, to the benefit of both community and individual.
The FO-city gives all citizens a hand, and works against society's propensity to break into those with few or no skills, and those with many or the most skills. (30 persons)

Tour #4: The City Developer // a visit to the Urban area "Sydhavnen" - Sarah Jarsbo, Chairwoman of the association of Sydhavnen and Head of the Urban Life Office at Sydhavnen want to invite you on a tour around the neighborhood, where you will get an insight into the area, culture, history, development plans, all the creative - that sprouts, sparkles and glows, the fascinating contrasts and the diverse, contemporary and future movements. In addition, there will be an opportunity to get a feel of the whole area - all secret, hidden places and exciting forces in Sydhavnen.

The Association of Sydhavnen bring together the many and very different people in the area, so that everyone has the opportunity to be heard and involved in the development of the area. (30 persons)

Tour #5: The Thirsty // a Beergarden Tour - Join us for the first ever Next Library Beergarden Tour. It will be a relaxed way to mix and mingle with the Next Library participants. We will walk and along the way we will do a couple of stops where you can experience and taste some beer. And most importantly there will be time to talk and meet lots of great people. Hosts: Jannik and Sidsel, The Next Library Crew. (50 persons)


There is a limited number of tickets to each tour. At Get2Gether sunday you be able to draw a ticket at our Monday Mingle Raffle. 

All the tours have their final stop at Aarhus Central Foodmarket, where there will be served a special menu of Next Library Street Food from. You can pay with your pre-bought Monday Mingle ticket or directly at the Foodmarket. 19.00-21.00.


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Call for proposals - Occupy Library online conference

Posted by Next Library on July 28, 2020 at 12:31 0 Comments

Next Library is looking forward to the formative/funky/fab/free-of-charge conference Occupy Library 2020!

The hard times we are all going through have shown us, again and again, the importance of communities.

Looking forward to hearing about your great ideas and experiences in building, helping and strengthening communities. Main topics of Occupy Library conference:

1. Serving communities in times of crisis

2. Partnerships for strong democracies

3. Active…


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