Aarhus City walk – small shops and galleries

Monday 14 September 16.00-19.00
Fee: DKK 200 (EUR 28) including snackdish & glass of wine 
Meeting point: Dokk1 at 16.00
Participants max. 15


Aarhus city center houses many cozy coffee bars and art galleries, all of which are aware of aesthetics and masters in creating an inviting atmosphere. We will walk through town and stop by some of the most special shops and galleries, where we will get inspiration about SPACE DESIGN and SERVICE DESIGN – something that we can bring back to our home libraries. The shopkeepers will tell us about their experiences in displaying the merchandise in an inspiring way and offering quality service to their customers.

 We will end the walk at a coffee bar that sells coffee as well as books and wine.   


Fee: 200DKK including tapas and wine

Serena Borsello from Aarhus will guide the tour.

Meeting point: Dokk1 at 4pm

Min: 15 Max:30

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Comment by Next Library on October 8, 2015 at 13:34

Participants said:

What was the best and most interesting experience during the site visit?

  • The designer shop – well composed, lots in store but not cluttered.
  • Designer studies (last shop)
    • Mission to bring in new designers
    • The designer shop
    • WU15 shop
    • Being able to ask our guide questions about Aarhus while walking around
    • Gallery
    • The buildings are interesting
    • The small shop that was well working
    • Everything combined - ideas from everything and also some similar ideas from different shops.
    • Enjoyed the handmade craft shop
    • Variety of stores + how they display their products


Did you find inspiration for innovation of your library or community work?

  • I found inspiration in exploring my own city
  • Opportunities to look broader at the problem
  • Yes
  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff person
  • It reminded me: less is more.
  • Designing and decorating shops.
  • Yes!! I didn’t really think of the idea of looking at design shops for ideas for library – but it was very valuable (books are art too).
  • Yes. Good layout. White walls and lighting
  • Maybe use some ideas for book display


Take-away advises – for the sites you visited or for the organizations of Site visits

  • A map so that those who stay behind at one of the shops can (more easily) catch up the group
  • Loved the diversity of the shops + the opportunity to sit and chat over wine
  • More background about the culture between the shops to give better context
  • Map

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