/Civic Engagement and Collaborative Innovation

/Tuesday 18 June

14:00 - 16:00 Re-imagination: Civic Engagement and Collaborative Innovation of Multicultural Library Services


The library in the Hasle district is an integrated part of the community centre Herredsvang in the western part of Aarhus. In the residential area of Herredsvang many of the residents face social challenges, and some come from a minority background. A few years ago there were massive problems with young people in the area vandalizing property and committing other forms of crime. The area was considered unsafe.

Today the library and the social housing effort as well as volunteer organisations have collaborated in innovative ways to take the area in another direction. This development will be the pivotal point for the study, where we will look into the close collaboration between the local partners. We will talk about civic involvement and empowerment as the focus points in daily operations and about intercultural library services in an Aarhus context. Among other things, the initiatives include Nethood IT-cafes, parent- and homework-cafes, as well as initiatives aimed specifically at young people. Staff from both the library and the community centre will show us around and explain.

Max. 50 participants.

Fee: 150 DKK / 20 EUR including coffee/tea, water & snacks.

Lone Hedelund from Aarhus will be guide on the tour

Departure from Pickup 2, Valdemarsgade next to The Consert Hall (see map) at 14:00


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