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"Enlighten us, but make it quick!” is the slogan of Ignite Talks. 

What is an Ignite Talk?

Ignite Talks are short and fast-paced and each talk is 5 minutes with 20 slides that automatically advance at short intervals. The presentations are meant to ignite the audience on a subject or an idea that you think is worth sharing. 

Use this opportunity to share your ideas!

Ignite Next Library is an opportunity for Next Library participants to share innovative projects of international relevance with other Next Library participants. Next Library is all about network and conversations about the library of the future. We hope the Ignite Next Library will enhance the opportunity to connect up-coming library innovators and experienced professionals across the world. 

For speakers: The Ignite Format

The Ignite format is a 5 minutes long presentation with 20 slides and with the slides advancing automatically every 15 seconds. It is a very challenging format and you should prepare it carefully.

When you have prepared content for your 20 slides you should make sure that they advance automatically in Powerpoint/Keynote. 

7 useful pages for Ignite Speakers

Check out these pages to be inspired:

Scott Berkun - How to Give a Great Ignite Talk
Jason Grigsby - How to Give a Successful Ignite Presentation
Cory Forsyth - How to Give an Ignite Talk
Ignite PHX - 5 myths about being an ignite Phoenix presenter
Ignite PHX - 5 reason why your submission to ignite Phoenix sucks
Bess Gallanis - My journey to Ignite Chicago

Presentation tips for Ignite speakers

Template for speakers

Coming soon.


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Thank you all for sharing pictures, slides, articles and more from Next Library 2019. It is all uploaded and you can get your digital goodie bag now!

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