Ignite Talks 2018

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During the Next Library® 2018 you were able to experience 46 great and inspiring Next Library® Ignite Talks. The topics and the speakers were selected on the basis of a two-step participation process: 1. Call for Ideas and the 2. Call for Proposals.

Below is the final program for the Ignite Talks. The presentations of these talks are available behind each individual link. The videos of the Ignite Talks will be available soon.

Thursday 13 September
11:00 am

New Perspectives: Virtual Reality in Street Art
Laura Rocke, Digital Humanities Specialist, University of Nevada, Reno, USA
Michelle Rebaleati, Multimedia Production Specialist, University of Nevada, Reno, USA

Game Jam at the Library
Eugenijus Stratilatovas, Project Manager “Development of Digital Cultural Environment for Society Needs”, National Library of Lithuania, Vilnius, Lithuania

Accessing Ableness: Shit Happens but it’s Better than Nothing
Lotta Muurinen, Service Manager, Library 10 / Helsinki City Library, Finland

Ditch the Desk! An Experiment in Redefining the Customer Experience
Laura Norris, Chief Librarian, Kallio Library, Helsinki City Library, Finland 

Donald Trump <3 Finnish Libraries - How I'm Making Library Great Again with Videos on Social Media
Ville Vaarne, Communications Manager, Finnish Library Association, Finland

POWER OF THE WORDS - Democracy + young people + library
Mai Odgaard Petersen, Communication Consultant/Logophile, Public Library in Hjørring, Denmark 

The Future of the EU: Where do Libraries Stand?
Ilona Kish, Director of Public Libraries 2020, Belgium/EU

Archives, Libraries and Museums: Exploring their Role in European Democracies: The ALMPUB Research-Project
Ragnar Audunson, Oslo Metropolitan University in collaboration with Henrik Jochumsen, Copenhagen University, Denmark


Thursday 13 September
1:30 pm

Ready… Set… Inspire! A Modern Twist to Literary Inspiration
Jette Holmgaard Greibe and Steen Nielsen, Children’s Librarians, Main Library in Aarhus (Dokk1), Denmark 

The National Library as a Public Community Builder
Stuart Hamilton, Deputy Executive Director, Qatar National Library, Qatar

Keep Your Brain Healthy
Stefan Nüchel, Development Advisor, Vejle Public Library, Denmark 

The Librarian as a Producer
Maria Louise Christensen, Mediator of Literature/Project Manager, Silkeborg Bibliotek, Denmark 

Win-win-win: Citizens Involvement through Voluntary Work in Public Libraries in Finland
Maria Bang, Service Manager, Töölö Library, Helsinki City Library, Finland

Quiet Books for Noisy Libraries
Oxana Andreev, Director, A. Mickiewicz Library, Moldavia

Creative Communities in Public Libraries of Bogotá
Maria Camila Amado Rivera, Reading and Libraries Professional, Secretary of Culture Bogotá, Columbia

Thursday 13 September
3:30 pm

Public Library Soundscapes
Harri Sahavirta, Chief Librarian, Helsinki City Library, Finland

Putting the Community First in Redesigning Library Spaces and Providing more Community Centered Services
Jeff B Nyoka, ELearning Manager for City of Johannesburg Libraries, South Africa

Blindfold Theatre for Young Adults
Hanna Lehtonen, Library Pedagogue, Johanna Ponsimo, Library Pedagogue,
Tommi Koivula, Library Pedagogue, Espoo City Library, Finland 

Libraries on the Move!
Helene Bruhn Schvartzman, Consultant for Civic Engagement and Design Thinking, Aarhus Public Libraries, Denmark 

Literature Mediating Redesigned as a Platform for Urban Society
Lise Kloster Gram, Literary Consultant, Aarhus Public Libraries, Denmark 

What about a Next Library® SCIENCE? – International Scholars Pleading for a Paradigm Change in LIS Education!
Hans-Christoph Hobohm, University of Potsdam, Institute for Information Science, Germany

Partnerships for Progress – Cooperation between Libraries and Local Government as a Driver of Local Development and Social Cohesion
Stephen Wyber, Manager, Policy and Advocacy, IFLA, The Netherlands

Helping Library Employees become Digital Instructors through e-Learning
Terje Haugsgjerd, Special Adviser, Hordaland County Library, Norway


Friday 14 September
11:00 am

The LibraryLab of the Central Library Düsseldorf builds the Library Community of the Future - But how?
Stephan Schwering, Head of the Central Library of the "Stadtbüchereien Düsseldorf", Central Library Düsseldorf, Germany 

New in the Netherlands: the Public Library as a Place for Development of Newcomers
Grietje Smit, Program Manager Innovation Public Libraries, and Juan Khalaf, Advisor, National Library of the Netherlands and Public Library Theek 5, The Netherlands 

Creating Platforms for Urban Societies: Digital Storytelling as a Community Tool for Public Libraries
Michael Götze, Steering Group of the Digital Regional Library of Berlin, Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin (Central and Regional Library Berlin), Germany 

Arab Libraries in a Changed World
Claudia Lux, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany 

Turn your Library into a Place where Human Rights become Reality - the Library Manager's Step by Step Guide to Implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
Ann Catrine Eriksson, Library Consultant, Sörmland County Library, Sweden
Christine Wennerholm, Library Consultant, Culture Development, Region Gävleborg, Sweden 

Language Development in Refugee Families: a Partnership between the Library, the Teacher Education and the School for Refugee Children
Karien van Buuren, Rijnbrink, Senior Advisor, Support Organization for Libraries in Overijssel and Gelderland, The Netherlands 

Libraries as a Platform for Community Data
Marnie Webb, CEO, and Richard Abisla, Portfolio Manager, Americas, Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup, Brazil 

New Media in Libraries
Mirjana Nesic, Head of Library, Belgrade Polytechnics, Serbia 


Friday 14 September
1:30 pm

Design Thinking as a Library’s Social Innovation and Community Boosting Tool
Tomas Stefek, Social Innovation Designer, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic 

Diversity and Community: Have Your Cake and Eat It Too
Dennis Quinn, Assistant Director of Library Services, Cozby Library and Community Commons, USA 

Understanding People Behavior through Digital Twin Models
Andrew Khoudi, Industrial Researcher (PhD-Project), Denmark

The Band that Unites Us: Council of State Public Library Directors, Malaysia
Rashidah Bolhassan, CEO and Chair, Council of State Public Library Directors, Malaysia, Sarawak State Library, Malaysia

Developing Future Library Leadership
Joanne Launder, Head of Service Delivery and Tabitha Witherick, Service Delivery Manager, Libraries Unlimited, UK

Language, Power, Creating – How to use Maker-Oriented Activities as a Method for Multilingual Perspectives in the Public Library
Victoria Lagerkvist, Library Consultant and Marika Alneng, Project Leaderand Malin Klintholm, Library Consultant, Sörmland County Library, Sweden

Make it Easy!
Marie Engberg Eiriksson, Consultant and Team Leader, Gladsaxe Public Library, Denmark


Friday 14 September
3:30 pm

A Million Stories – Refugee Lives
Anxhela Dani, Project Manager, Future Library, Greece

Designing the Digital Change with Arts Education – 668 Libraries show how it works
Frank Jebe, Research Fellow, Council for Arts Education (Rat für Kulturelle Bildung), Germany

No Age for Learning: an Experience on Life-Long Learning Promotion
Alejandra Quiroz Hernandez, Educational Services Coordinator, Vasconcelos Library Mexico City, Mexico

Libraries in Rural Regions as an Engine for Development
John Malamba, Library Director, Siaya Community Library, Kenya (This talk was presented on behalf of John Malamba by Layla Naquin Andros, Central Library Berlin, Germany.)

Outcome Measurement Made Easy: Exploring Opportunities for Capturing Library Value
Emily Plagman, Manager, Impact & Advocacy, Public Library Association, USA

AVA Library – Access to films online at Berlin public libraries
Eva Kietzmann, Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin (Central and Regional Library Berlin), Germany 

Enter! – First Aid for Digital Immigrants
Tanja Erdmenger, Consultant for Digital Media, Munich City Library, Germany

Library Presence: the Big, the Small, the App
Ella Snell, Living Knowledge Network Manager, British Library, UK
Jacob Fredrickson, Single Digital Presence Researcher, British Library, UK

What is an Ignite Talk?

"Enlighten us, but make it quick!” is the slogan of Ignite Talks. Ignite Talks are short and fast-paced and each talk is 5 minutes with 20 slides that automatically advance at short intervals. The presentations are meant to ignite the audience on a subject or an idea that you think is worth sharing. 

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