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Inspirational Talks

Short talks to inspire us to look at things in a new way. You can meet: 

Amos Blanton: Towards a Research Practitioner based Pedagogy of learning-by-doing in the library

Drawing on the work of children and educators in the city of Reggio Emilia in Italy, we are exploring strategies to enable librarians to develop new knowledge in the design and facilitation of creative learning experiences.

Bio: Amos Blanton is an educator specialising in the design of open-ended creative learning experiences and environments, and is currently researching collective creativity as a PhD Student at Aarhus University in partnership with Dokk1. He ran the Scratch online community at MIT Media Lab, designed learning through play activities for LEGO House and LEGO Foundation, and helped land the FujiFilm Blimp.

Vicki Mcdonald: Being purposeful 

Vicki will share State Library of Queensland’s work to document and share First Nations history and culture. 

Bio: Vicki McDonald is a key player in the transformation of the library sector in Queensland. As State Librarian and CEO of State Library of Queensland she understands the need for a strong, relevant and innovative library service. As State Librarian, she is a custodian of Queensland memory and works in partnership with public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres. Vicki’s extensive national and international experience includes active participation in IFLA and ALIA.

 Mathias Poulsen: "Designing for Playful Democratic Participation

What if play could inspire us to think differently about democracy and help us develop new, more meaningful forms of democratic participation? In this short talk, Mathias will suggest that play can indeed be understood as an embodied, democratic practice and the library might be a perfect space for such encounters." 

Bio: "Play activist and PhD student at Designschool Kolding, studying play as democratic participation in the tradition of adventure playgrounds. Founded the CounterPlay Festival and the Danish Play Think Tank".

David Lankes: "Come together: librarians across borders for better communities"

Bio: R. David Lankes is the director of the University of South Carolina’s School of Information Science, a Visiting Researcher at the French National Library School ENSSIB,  and recipient of the American Library Association’s 2021 Isadore Gilbert Mudge Award for distinguished contribution to reference librarianship and the 2016 Ken Haycock Award for Promoting Librarianship. His book, The Atlas of New Librarianship won the 2012 ABC-CLIO/Greenwood Award for the Best Book in Library Literature. Lankes is a passionate advocate for librarians and their essential role in today’s society.

Gene TanExperimenting for an Uncharted Future. Ideas from the National Library Board of Singapore

Bio: Mr Gene Tan / Assistant Chief Executive / National Library Board, Singapore. Gene is currently Assistant Chief Executive at the National Library Board (NLB), spearheading LAB25 – a series of experiments on all aspects of NLB’s business in the public libraries, National Library and National Archives.  Under his leadership, NLB and the IFLA Regional Office for Asia and Oceania also launched the Leaders’ Conversations series, which is a new digital platform for leaders in the region and beyond to share their insights on major developments in the library world.

Prior to this, Gene had a stint as the Executive Director of the Singapore Bicentennial Office at the Prime Minister’s Office where he helmed the Singapore Bicentennial which commemorated the 200th anniversary of Raffles’ arrival in Singapore in 1819. He was also the Creative Director of the SG50 Exhibition: The Future of Us that captured the hopes and dreams of Singaporeans as part of Singapore’s 50th year of independence.

Gene was formerly the Director of the National Library, where he developed the Singapore Memory Project, and also the former President of the Library Association of Singapore.

Skye Patrick: Prioritizing Equity in Public Libraries: The First Steps

Bio: Skye Patrick was appointed LA County Library Director on February 1, 2016. She has held leadership roles at Broward County Library, Queens Public Library, and San Francisco Public Library. Patrick manages the Library’s $201 million annual budget and is responsible for the operation of its 86 locations and 18-vehicle mobile fleet, serving 3.4 million residents in a 3,000-square-mile area.

Patrick is committed to breaking down barriers and increasing access for all. She introduced the iCount equity initiative, which ensures that library services and programs address the needs of the diverse communities served throughout Los Angeles County. When COVID-19 forced the Library to close in March 2020, Patrick led staff to establish new services to reach beyond Library walls, including Laptop & Hotspot Loans, Park & Connect outdoor Wi-Fi service, and a virtual programs for all ages and interests. As Library Director, Patrick continues to reinforce the Library’s role in the community as a civic and cultural center, a hub for public information and services, and an institution of literacy, innovation, and lifelong learning.

Christian Laursen: A library visit is not just a number: The value and impact of public libraries

Bio: Christian Lauersen is based in Copenhagen and is Director of Libraries and Citizen Services in Roskilde Municipality, Denmark. He believes that libraries are crucial institutions for all communities, helping to create an open, more diverse, inclusive and equal world. One of Christian’s main professional interests is how shared public places like libraries foster stronger communities. He is proud founder of Library Planet – a crowdsourced travel guide to libraries of the world – and the very first library bossa nova song. Twitter: @clauersen
The Library Lab:

Vicki MacDonald

Athens Comics Library
Athens Comics Library is a place of inspiration and learning around a collection that reaches 2,500 comic books. It hosts Baytna Hub for early childhood development support for refugee and migrant children and their carers.

ARKEN Art & Tech Lab: Under attack…

Louise Staugaard is project coordinator, art mediator and programme developer at ARKEN Art &Tech Lab.

ARKEN’s ART & TECH LAB is a platform for immersive learning, creativity, art exploration, tech innovation, visual literacy and social projects. 

Currently, Louise Staugaard participates as co-developer in the project 'Literature as unpolished mirror'. A project initiated by Dokk1. The project examines how methods from ARKEN Art & Tech Lab can contribute to the development of new forms of literature mediation.

Ignite Talks

“Enlighten us but make it quick!” is the slogan of Ignite Talks

In the past we have been enlightened by many great Ignite Talks atNext Library conferences. This year we are ready to continue the success and of course lift it up to another level. We called out for ignite talks from you and received a lot of great proposals. 

You can hear about: 

  • Make robots dance - STEM and Literacy
  • Newcomer
  • Designing Next Library
  • Playful Learning for Adults
  • Climate Book Club
  • Library of Local
  • Democracy and the infocalypse
  • Seeds in the city
  • The SDGs in the library field and beyond
  • The world of the Bibliobits
  • Library as a "Creative Dorm"
  • What is the truth? Check facts on the net - Get to the bottom of fake news

And many more!


What is the truth? Check facts on the net - Get to the bottom of fake news

Who we are: Stephan Braum and Jana Viehweger (Central and Regional Library Berlin, ZLB), Dominik Scholl (Wikimedia Germany)

Democracies are built on individuals having free and open access to information and the knowledge to deal with any kind of information properly. That‘s why “information literacy” plays a vital role for a functioning democracy especially in the so-called post-truth era. Andthat‘s exactly where libraries come in. The Central and Regional Library Berlin (ZLB) is the largest public library in Germany. Together with Wikimedia Germany, the german chapter of the global Wikimedia movement, the ZLB created an online course to show people of all ages how to fact and source-check in five easy lessons. These steps are designed to help people evaluate information online. It complements the general information literacy with the specific web-based techniques, which are supposed to bring the reader closer to the truth on the web.
In our lightning talk we would like to present you our approach and share our resources.

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