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Peter MacLeod

Democracy's Second Act: Creating the society we want with the publics we need

Peter MacLeod is the founder and principal of MASS LBP, and one of Canada’s leading experts in public engagement and deliberative democracy. Since its founding in 2007, MASS has completed more than 200 major policy projects for governments and public agencies across Canada while pioneering the use of Civic Lotteries and Citizen Reference Panels and earning international recognition for its work.

Peter frequently writes and speaks about the citizen’s experience of the state, the importance of public imagination, and the future of responsible government.

Rolf Hapel

Past the Post-Pandemic Libraries - What's Next?
Over the three last decades, the societal changes caused by digitization have been monumental and libraries in most countries were among the institutions that were affected from the beginning of the process. In this changing landscape of globally and rapidly evolving information technologies and pervasive social media with the abundance of readily and easily available information - and misinformation - and the intense fight for attention not only by commercial providers but also by competing world views and knowledge systems, it is no wonder that many libraries in order to stay relevant have engaged in change processes with profound effects on library services, programs, organization, the spatial layout, and the job content of library staff. A general movement away from libraries as transactional, book and collection focused institutions towards relational user and community focused organizations has been evident in this period.  Now, demands for deeper societal transformation expressed through equity and diversity oriented movements are challenging a traditional understanding of the role of the libraries as neutral providers of information and suggesting a more activist approach and a  clear stand for social justice and democracy, adding new dimensions to the persistent speculations in and outside the library sector about the future of libraries. Based on emerging practices  in the library and library education field, Rolf will discuss possible scenarios for future library development". 

Ryan Jenkins
Tinkering: A Playful Approach to Lifelong Learning

Biography: Ryan Jenkins is a constructionist educator operating as the co-founder and managing director of Wonderful Idea Co, an innovative studio that develops learning materials, environments and resources for tinkering. His playful experiments make use of a wide range of materials including unusual electronics, programmable microcontrollers, physical wood/wire mechanisms, light/shadow elements and sound installations.

Keynote - Tinkering: A Playful Approach to Lifelong Learning: In this presentation, Ryan will discuss the importance of developing thoughtfully constructed spaces, prompts and facilitation styles to support playful learning in library settings. Together we’ll think about the relevance of “tinkering” for informal learning environments and how this approach can support the development of “invention literacy”, actively engage library patrons, build creative confidence and foster inter-generational collaboration.

Workshop - Physical and Digital Construction: Ryan Jenkins will also host a workshop after the keynote presentation. In this workshop participants will have a hands-on experience working with both physical and digital tools to create their own designs. The group will take a deep dive into the process of tinkering and use the insights we develop together to inform our practice of introducing tools, techniques and projects to learners in library settings.

Before the workshop please collect: a cardboard toilet paper tube or paper towel tube, scissors and tape.

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