Monday Mingle Tour 3 June // FO City

Free Education Association for public enlightenment;
Destination: FO City, Frederiksgade 78C, 8000 Århus C
Start: Dokk1 at the Main Staircase outside
End: Aarhus Central Food Market

Next Library Guides: Knud Schulz and Randi Heide
Hosts at FO City: Torben Dreier General Manager and Henrik Gram Nielsen, International Coordinator are the hosts in FO City.
Free tickets available at the Get2Gether event Sunday 2 June on a first come, first served basis.
Max 30 participants?

1. Walk from Dokk1 to destination, approx. 15 minutes

2. Visit at FO City
Torben Dreier and Henrik Gram Nielsen will introduce participants to the Danish concept of Free Education Associations; which is based on learning principles of the Danish poet and filosopher, N.F.S. Grundtvig (1783 – 1872).
The FO City vision emphasizes being a city for everybody, quality of life, the ability and will to exceed limits, and the will to "learn to learn".

The FO-city is:

• environment for an ambition to modernize and revitalize the popular education concept of Grundtvig in an open center for manners, education and opinion. Our goal is to develop into the neighborhood's focal point for information and service.

• socially and environmentally sustainable, which means that it is primarily inhabited by social enterprises and that day-to-day working methods adhere to green principles.

• "The everyday folk high school", placed where people meet, live, and stay. It's the new popular education platform in a diverse world which constantly requires you to create meaning in life and self-understanding.
The FO-city breaks down the traditional institutional model and organizes and strengthens active citizenship, to the benefit of both community and individual.
The FO-city gives all citizens a hand, and works against society's propensity to break into those with few or no skills, and those with many or the most skills.

The core of the FO-city
From those involved, developing an FO-city requires openness, responsiveness, respect for each other's ideas and thoughts, that people are viewed as equal parties whatever their background and affiliation. For the FO-city is about quality of life, about room and an environment for a local democracy, and whatever makes sense to the citizen. Room for community, help across generations and sectors, tolerance and obligation to others, making room for everybody, including the underprivileged, the diseased, the unemployed, the weak at reading and writing, etc.

About The NGO FO – Free Adult Education Association
About FO City:
The history of the Building FO City:

 Walk from FO City to Aarhus Central Food Market
Approx 8 minutes.

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