Music in Everyday Life: Connecting Hearts, Breaking Barriers

The circulation figures of CD:s both in Finland and worldwide are going down, and we have had to rethink the role of the music departments in Espoo City Library. One successful direction we have taken, is to actively engage our customers in music making by creating community music groups around the principles of communality, equal opportunity, active participation, and accessibility.

Everyone is welcome into our multicultural music groups just as they are. No previous experience in playing music or singing is required. The library offers the instruments and the space for the groups, as well as the pedagogic know-how. The goal is to have fun with music, and to enjoy a communal music making session with others.

Our interactive session at Next Library is about bringing people together from different cultural and social backgrounds into a playful and inspiring interaction, by using musical and narrative tools. This session introduces a way of using creative means in library environment for breaking cultural barriers and empowering individuals and communities, so vital in times of crisis. We use body as an instrument, and we introduce how words, stories and rhythms can combine to create music and unity. No musical skills or background is required from participants.

Furthermore, with this session we want to give, and exchange new ideas about the possibilities of music in the libraries.   


Éva Kelemen, Team Leader, Music Department and Makerspace. Sello Library, Espo, Finland
Sakari Heikka, Library Pedagogue, Sello Library, Espo, Finland


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