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14:00 - 16:30 Re-imagination: New Forms of Literature The Literature Spot at Aaby Branch Library

A trend in today’s literature is that it is of the performative kind, taking place outside the framework of the book. We experience it at the literary stage, hear it beep into our mobile phones, experience it on the internet as digital/electronic literature, pass it on the streets as street art, download it as apps, and experience it mixed with other art forms such as music.

The new forms of literature challenge the library in new ways, but also open up a long range of exciting possibilities – literature must be rethought.

At The Literature Spot at Aaby Library, the new forms of literature have been staged and mediated for some time.

We invite you to experience the new forms of literature and hear about our experiences mediating it.

With Lise Kloster Gram, literary consultant, and Dorthe Larsen, team leader for Culture & Experience.

Max. 60 participants.

Fee: 150 DKK / 20 EUR including coffee/tea, water & snacks.

Lise Kloster Gram from Aarhus will be guide on the tour.

Departure from Pickup 2, Valdemarsgade next to The Consert Hall (see map) at 14:00

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