Keynote Speaker: Patrick A. Losinski

Pat Losinski Keynote at Next Library 2013
18 June at 9:00 – approx. 9:45 AM in the Music Hall, Aarhus, Denmark

Title: Re-imagining the Roles of Public Libraries

Imagine a culture where information is only available in digital media.

 What would the consequence be of keeping commercial digital content exclusively accessible only for those who are able to pay for access?

 What would the consequences be for society, education, politics, democracy, innovation and the economy?

How would this exclusive access to knowledge and culture impact social, educational and economic divides in the country?

 This is actually the current strategic challenge in knowledge-based societies today. 

  • What are libraries’ options for “changing the game” and supporting citizens’ needs for digital content?
  • What can and should public libraries do in a digital age to provide ongoing value as a public good?
    • Proactively impact policies nationally and internationally?
    • Enter publishing businesses as the “peoples’ publishers”?
    • Other?

Since 2002, Pat Losinski has served as Chief Executive Officer of the Columbus Metropolitan Library (CML), a twenty-one branch library district serving 820,000 residents in central Ohio. 

CML is one of the most used public library systems in the United States.  More than 7 million customers visit CML libraries each year, 9 million visit the library’s web site, 80,000 children receive assistance at a Homework Help Centers, and 40,000 job seekers register for job help.  CML hosts one of the largest Summer Reading Clubs in the country with 89,000 participants, and an outreach-based Ready to Read program that targets the parents of at-risk preschoolers.  The library works with other community agencies to improve kindergarten readiness, third grade reading proficiency and high school graduation rates.

CML received the Institute for Museum and Library Services National Medal in 2011, was named Library Journal’s National Library of the Year in 2010, has been a Library Journal five-star library each of the last five years, and has been named the number 1 urban library in the United States 3 times.  No other library system in the U.S. has achieved these multiple recognitions.

Prior to joining CML, Pat spent five years as executive director of Pikes Peak Library District in Colorado Springs.  He has been a library director at two other public library systems in Illinois and Ohio – he served on the state library board in each state.

Pat holds a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin.  He is past chair of the Urban Libraries Council Board; he serves on the Board of the Institute for Learning Innovation and he is a Board member for Learn4Life.  He received the 2000 Leadership Award from the Greater Colorado Springs Economic Development Corporation, the 2010 Public Library Association’s “Charlie Robinson Award” for risk-taking and innovation, and the 2012 Champion of Children Award from the United Way of Central Ohio. Columbus CEO magazine named him a 2012 “Superstar” in the General Management category.

His wife Vicky is an art teacher; they have two children – John, 19 and Abby, 16.


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