Poster Sessions 2013

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We are proud to present the 11 posters that have been chosen to be at Next Library 2013.

The Poster Session will take place in the foyer at the Music Hall during the conference days. Browse the posters and talk to the poster authors during breaks!


The Community Information Center

I would like to welcome you all at the birth place of Lord Buddha. By his name the city is named Siddharthnagar and its old name is Bhairahawa. Following city's name our library was named Community Information Center-Siddharthnagar (Bhairahawa). Lumbini village, the exact birthplace of Lord Buddha is only 22 Kilometer west of the city. As a result every year thousands of tourists visit the city on their way to Lumbini. As a result American Embassy in Nepal took very much interest to develop the library as interna-tional cultural and educational center.

A huge library building (with a total area of 2000 sq.m) for the use of CICB is under construction in the new complex of Siddharthnagar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SiCCI), an umbrella organization of local business houses and industries. SiCCI is the local partner of CICB. Besides the library building an auditori-um of 600 chairs capacity is already finished and CICB will use this auditorium for its community based and educational programs and various shows and exhibitions.

Please visit Facebook: American Corner Bhairahawa

Contact: Deepika Giri -

Community Information Center-Bhairahawa (CICB) (Public Library)


Network of Nordic Public Libraries

7 libraries in 5 countries got together to come up with innovative ideas for public libraries. They had 3 crea-tive learning camps that involved 50 library staff across the Nordic libraries.

The purpose was:

- To strengthen a shared Nordic understanding, culture and tone about innovative libraries

- To co-create innovative ideas for common Nordic concepts for public libraries

Visit the poster and learn more about innovation camps and new ideas for public libraries in the future!

Contact: Hólmkell Hreinsson 

Read more about Nordic Camps 


Civic Engagement in FAVL Libraries

FAVL operates under the belief that true development can only happen when people are empowered by access to information and the habits of reading and critical thinking. We work with local communities to establish and manage libraries in rural areas of Africa. Currently, FAVL supports 12 village libraries in Burkina, with 2 more scheduled to open in 2013.

Civic engagement is essential for the successful operation of our libraries as well as community develop-ment. This means that community members actively participate in the acquisition of literacy skills and the development of a reading culture and have regular access to reading materials that are relevant to their lives. FAVL is currently working on several projects in which civic engagement is a key element, including a multi-media center which will serve as a publishing house for locally-produced reading materials; a youth reading program which provides reading materials to those with limited access to books and examines the impact of reading on young people; and summer reading camps in which 25 local schoolchildren are invited to participate in a week of reading activities and arts and crafts, learn more about their local library and be-come familiar with the librarian and reading materials available in their community.

Contact: Donkoui Koura

Friends of African Village Libraries (FAVL).


A Journey inside Qatar National Library

A Journey inside Qatar National Library (QNL) is the name of the poster QNL is presenting in the Next Library 2013 Conference.  Selecting the re-imagination theme, QNL will take the attendees on a tour at the three-function library which is planned to open in 2014.

QNL carries out its mission through three functions; National Library, University and Research Library, and a Metropolitan Public Library, so imagine the opportunities of this integrated concept!

The conference’s attendees will explore the progression of knowledge from the past to the future with the ‘People Movers’ which runs along the walls of the 42.000 sqm gigantic library.

Poster author is Saadi Al Said, Associate Director Administration and Planning, email: For information about QNL, please visit

Contact: Mr. Saadi A. Al Said



Towards a better future for Arab Children's literature

- Arab Children's literature Regional Program

Due to the importance of developing literature in general and developing children’s literature in particular, the Integrated Care Society (ICS) through it’s deployed libraries in 4 governorates took upon itself the task of promoting reading across the country for all people concentrating on children and giving due care to children with special needs who are generally neglected.

ICS' success in addressing “the reading crisis” (A recent UN report shown that less than two percent of the Arab population reads one book a year and a number of published books is an average of one book for every 19.150 citizens in the Arab World), was one of the most important reasons for being selected among other organization to host and implement the Arab Children’s Literature Regional Program managed by Anna Lindh Foundations (ALF) and funded by Sida.

Contact: Alshaimaa Ali


Designing DOKK1 from a child’s point of view

The poster presents a design case of collaborative innovation between design students from Aarhus School of Architecture and pupils from the public school, Samsøgades School in Aarhus, facilitated by the research project Kids n’Tweens Lifestyle. The scope for collaborating was to design child experiences in DOKK1, the new Urban Mediaspace Aarhus, where design students took offset from the children’s world in a creative workshop as inspiration for the final design proposals.

The goal of the workshop was to develop method for engaging children in the design process. The methods varied from: Model making, lego prototyping, mood boards/blocks, inspirational pictures, future scenarios, body storming and sketching. The poster presents two design results – “Bookscape” and “Tumble”.


Aviaja Borup Lynggaard, PhD, Manager of Lab for Architecture & Design in project Kids n´ Tweens Life-style

Birgitte Geert Jensen, Associate professor, Aarhus School of Architecture


A public library enhases acces to local legal documents

- The Legal Chisinau Online Project

The project strengthened the Public Law Library as a significant institution that promotes access to legislation and as a unique place that provides to all beneficiaries without any restrictions access to legal information. The Public Law Library, as a public institution being under the Chisinau Municipality’s supervision, took on this new role to scan local documents then transferring the scanned decisions on the online database available on the internet ( for all Chisinau residents.


Contact: Elena Plamadeala


The Secret Library

The Secret Library (Det hemmelige bibliotek) is an attempt to gamify the library introduction for children age 8 – 12. The game is heavily connected to the library space- and services, which are the focus of the intro-duction.  It features missions with multiple-choice questions that must be solved using these services.  A correct answer awards the player with points, levels, badges and high score.

The game is fully adaptable to local libraries and their introductions: All content – even graphics - can be changed from a central website by any librarian with access.

For screenshots and danish description

Contact: Jørgen Bech Pedersen

Silkeborg Public Library


Greek public libraries mould their future through collaborative innovation

Three Greek public librarians designed and commenced projects which focus on the public de-mands for employment, playful learning and digital storytelling:

"Job search with the aid of our library"

A service in four libraries of Central Greece, addressing the pressing needs of the unemployed.

"Ollie ollie oxen free, going to my library!"

A service in five libraries of West Greece, offering students and teachers creative activities based on educational board and electronic games.

“The Stories Chest”

A service in four libraries of North Greece, enabling public digital storytelling with library recording devices and with access to digital repositories.

The project leaders cooperate in all operational levels and convey their experience to partner li-braries, thus paving the way for future collaborative action.


-Katerina Kerasta (Central Public Library of Levadia) Librarian and regional leader of Central Greece.  ("Job search with the aid of our library")

-Andriani Zafeiropoulou (Central Public Library of Nafpaktos) Librarian and regional leader of West Greece. ("Ollie ollie oxen free, going to my library!”)

 -Maria Vrachliotou (Central Public library of Serres) Librarian and regional leader of North Greece-Central Macedonia. Email: (“The Stories Chest”)


Literature Taking Place

The main focus of the project “Literature Taking Place” from 2011-2013 was to find ways of promoting litera-ture in the expanded field. Today’s literature is increasingly embedded in other forms of media than that of the printed book. The libraries have to promote this literature as a part of contemporary literature although it can be a challenge. Literature in the expanded field needs new knowledge and different ways of promoting it, other than the normal procedures of bookshelves and display cases that are used in connection with the traditional book. 

The project “Literature Taking Place” ended with an international conference in March 2013 and focused on the promotion of performance literature and digital literature within the public libraries. The project was a co-operation between the public libraries of Aarhus and Roskilde and the literary website

“Literature taking place” has gathered a lot of experience in the fields of promoting digital literature and per-formance literature. This poster session will show some examples of this and summarize on the recommen-dations of the project. The poster session will also give examples of relevant resources for the public libraries to promote within this field.


Project Manager Martin Campostrini, Roskilde Libraries -

Project Manager Lise Kloster Gram, Aarhus Public Libraries

More about Literature taking place:


People’s Lab

The development project “People’s Lab” researches how libraries can support innovation processes among citizens in the local community. The vision is to develop concepts and strategies that can be used in the national and international library sector. We work with an iterative process where we gain the experiences through creation of six prototype labs and other set ups. The project has completed the first prototypes and set ups: Tech Lab, the Mobile Room, Music Lab and Art Lab. The project is now planning Festival Lab and Waste Lab.  

The project is developed in a collaboration between the Main Library Aarhus, Roskilde Libraries, OSAA, INSP!, Aarhus University and Roskilde University.

The project is supported by the Danish Agency for Culture.


Louise Overgaard, Aarhus Public Libraries or Henriette Dybdal, Roskilde Libraries





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Announcement: Keynote by Rolf Hapel at Next Library Festival

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We are very happy to announce that Rolf Hapel will join us at Next Library Festival on June 3. Rolf will give a keynote: Past the Post-Pandemic Libraries - What's Next?

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