Next Library Festival 2021

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Virtual Stages

Next Library Festival will happen online. We are working hard on planning an immersive and collaborative experience where you can meet, interact and have fun with other participants. 

Check out the full program here - or read on in the following section about what happens on each stage.

Main Stage

This is where you get to meet our keynotes, join the Joy of Reading Award Show, and this is also the place to be for big announcement where all participants join at the same time. 

Democracy Stage

This is the stage to tune in on Democracy. You can join sessions, listen to Ignite Talks and much more. 

Curiosity Stage

This is where we you find lots of inspiration! 

Creativity Stage 

This is where we put a focus on Creativity and Playful Learning.

Sustainability Stage

This is the stage to visit if you want to talk about libraries and SDGs. 

The Next Room

This is where to go to join a Tour Your Library and to join talks and surprises! Next Library is about networking and inspiring each other. In The Next Room you can join our drop-in talkshows, meet other participants, join Tour Your Library, take part in social events and have fun!

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Since 2018 the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe takes part in the…


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