We invite you to play a learning game called Virus!, created using a mobile gamification platform called Seppo, and, after that, to compare experiences on our gaming session, game-based learning and gamification platforms.

The purpose of Virus! is to provide a fun and playful visit to a library, develop media literacy skills and boost creativity. The game also develops teamworking skills. The target audience for the game are school classes (aged 10 to 12) but the game is also suitable for older players.

The map of an imaginary library works as a game board and participants solve game tasks in teams using mobile devices. Each team (hackers, social media influencers and data security professionals) have tasks of their own. Tasks may require them to type, take a photo or make a short video. During the game, a gaming supervisor monitors the game, assesses the answers submitted by the teams and gives points and feedback on-line. Earning points motivates the participants to keep playing!

Virus! is developed by Vantaa City Library, Aalto University (Department of Art), Päivälehti Museum (a museum specialized in media education) and pupils (aged 11) of Kartanonkoski School and their teacher.


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THANKS for a fantastic Next Library 2019

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Next Library 2019 has come to an end: It was 5 days of amazing keynotes, sessions and ignite talks. And on top of this: 2 labs where you could create, play, share knowledge and learn together. 

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