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Data Lab is here

At this upcoming Next Library we also have a Data Lab for you! Data Lab @ Next Library is open daily from 9-16 (except during keynotes). Drop by and see the exhibition, talk to the library data-geeks, contribute with your own opinion and experience or maybe do a meditation while we track your…


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Meet 400 participants from 43 countries

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Iceland, India, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Namibia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA and Zambia


Here is the preliminary list of participants, who have agreed on having their name,…


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Announcement of our final keynote speaker: Christopher Breedlove from the Burning Man Project

We are incredibly thrilled to announce our final keynote speaker, Christopher Breedlove from the Burning Man Project. 

As Head of Burners Without Borders, Christopher supports volunteer-driven community leadership work, whose goal is to unlock the innate skills of local communities to solve problems that bring about meaningful change. Supporting citizen-led civic engagement solutions and community resiliency projects around the world, BWB is known for bringing…


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New concept: The Next Library Lab

This year you can try out a new concept at Next Library: The Next Library Lab. We asked the brilliant people from Peer 2 Peer University to help facilitate the space. The Lab is open for themes and activities you…


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Announcement of keynote speaker at Next Library 2019 // Louise Bernard

We are incredibly excited to announce one of our keynote speakers as Louise Bernard, Obama Foundation. The keynote presentation will be followed by a panel discussion between Louise Bernard and Mary Ellen Messner, First Deputy Commissioner, Chicago Public Libraries. Moderator: Marie Østergård, Director of Aarhus Public Libraries.

Louise Bernard is the…


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Registration for Next Library 2019 re-opens!

Due to the newly announced General Election June 5 in Denmark, we received some cancellations from Danish Next Library participants, as they are returning officers, responsible for planning and overseeing that elections are conducted according to the rules. If you move quickly…


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Announcement of keynote speaker at Next Library 2019 // Herman Wasserman

We are excited to announce our 3rd keynote speaker: Herman Wasserman. He is Professor of Media Studies and Director of the Centre for Film and Media Studies at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. The keynote at Next Library will be about: Deepening data democracy: potential and pitfalls.…


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Do you want to make sure that your library is well equipped for the challenges ahead? PLEASE RESPOND NOW!

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Since 2018 the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe takes part in the…


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