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To inspire the Next Library participants we have put together these 6 tours: 

  • 3 Libraries in the Frontline of Social Crisis
  • LEGO House: Home of the Brick
  • Silkeborg Bibliotek & Campus Bindslev Plads
  • The Library Garden of Risskov Library
  • Guided tour at Institute of X and CRAZY CAKE workshop SOLD OUT
  • Exploring Danish Wellbeing: An Inspiration Tour SOLD OUT

Read more about each of them below - you sign up for them via the registration form!

Three Libraries in the Frontline of Social Crisis

Saturday 01 June 9.45 – 14.00
DKK 200 (EUR 27) including bus, coffee/tea, water & lunch.

Meeting point: Dokk1, in front of the main staircase
Guide: Susanne Gilling
Participants min. 20 max. 50

Join a trip to 3 branches in the outskirts of Aarhus. The branches are a part of the Aarhus Public Libraries.

Harlev, Hasle and the new Gellerup library.

Harlev Public and Elementary School Library is placed in a suburb 10 km from the center of Aarhus. The suburb is a stand-alone unity lying alongside highway 15 to Herning. It is also a “open library” which means you can lock yourself into the library.

Hasle Library is placed smack in the middle of high-density housing and alongside some of the largest complexes of student housing in the city. An area that has both fostered poets and perpetrators. The library and the community house is an important meeting place in the area with a lot of services for the community and where you can get influence and be involved. Learn about homework café, activities for children, live streaming with science lectures from the university, the guidance service, a study area and much more.

The new Gellerup Library is part of the effort to strengthen the social basis of the large high-rise area of Gellerup. At Gellerup the tour is joined by Elif Tinaztepe, Associate partner of Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects. She will introduce the ideas about the new library, and we will visit the construction site.

Hosts: Elif Tinaztepe, Schmidt Hammer Lassen and Susanne Gilling

Guided tour at Institute of X and CRAZY CAKE workshop

Saturday 01 June 14.30 – 17.00 - SOLD OUT!
DKK 225 (EUR 30) coffee/tea, water & lots of cake.
Meeting point: Godsbanen, Skovgaardsgade 3, Aarhus C.
Guide: Louise Lærke Andersen
Participants min. 10 max. 40

Institute of X is a part of Godsbanen, a former railway traffic area now officially dedicated by the municipality of Aarhus to become a future culture hub in the very heart of the city.

Several non-commercial cultural events (organized by themselves) have taken place here. Everything from art exhibitions, concerts, children- and family events, municipal meetings, “open house”, cultural salons, festivals and more.

The Institute of X is an example of how work and home and flow together form a temporary urban environment in mobile devices, with industrial neighborhoods, businesses and homes.

The plans with the area have been to make room for the creative entrepreneurs, but only if it is temporary. The area has, over the last few years, developed into a limbo of temporariness where nothing stays the same for long. It is an area where CHANGE is the only thing permanent.

Join a district walk and hear, feel and see the limbo. Hear about the basic tendencies for this kind of urban society.

We will finish the day with a CRAZY CAKE workshop. Crazy cake is a sketching tool where we start with urban development and urban planning in a library perspective. Everything is built in cake. Temporariness is key.

LEGO House – Home of the Brick 

Sunday 02 June 8.45-16.30
DKK 630 (EUR 85) including bus, coffee/tea, water & lunch.
Meeting point: Dokk1, in front of the main staircase.  
Guide: TBA
Participants min 30 max 50

Things to experience in LEGO House

LEGO® House is a 12,000-square metre house filled with 25 million LEGO bricks ready to give LEGO fans of all ages the ultimate LEGO experience.

The House is divided into 4 zones with focus on different competences.

Red Zone – Prepare to set your creative competences in motion with cascades of bricks in LEGO Brick Builder. 

Green Zone - It’s time to explore your social competences as you direct your own movie in Story Lab.

Yellow Zone - Feel free to have plenty of fun and flex your emotional competences as you build sea creatures in Fish Designer.

Blue Zone - Get ready to train your cognitive competences as you program robots in Robo Lab.

The tour will take you all around LEGO House where you’ll explore the architecture and hear how starchitect Bjarke Ingels have constructed the house. You will also get to experience some of the giant LEGO models up close and listen to some of the anecdotes, where the dinosaurs get their roar from and why the world’s biggest LEGO brick is now located in Billund.

Your professional guide will talk about the company’s core values and the vison behind LEGO House.

9:00                   Departure from Dokk1
10:30 – 10:45    Arrival – coffee, the and water.
10:45 – 11.15    Presentation of the LEGO House about experimental design.
11:15 – 12.30    LEGO House Tour by Play Agents
12:30 – 13:30    Lunch in LEGO FORUM
13:30 – 15:00    Explore the 4 experience zones on your own.
16:30                 Arrival at Dokk1

Silkeborg Bibliotek & Campus Bindslev Plads

Sunday 02 June 9.45-14.00
DKK 200 (EUR 27) including bus, coffee/tea, water & lunch.
Meeting point: Dokk1, in front of the main staircase 
Guide: TBA

Participants min 30 max 50

The Library in Silkeborg opened in 1900, and since 1920 it has been located in the current buildings in Hostrupsgade, with larger additions made to the old main building in 1947 and 1978.

All areas of the library has been thoroughly renovated over a course of five years from 2009 to 2014. In August 2017 the Campus Building opened, which gave the library a new main entrance, and the opportunity to permanently host and service many new patrons, including more students during school and educational and spare time activities. The opening of the Campus Building gave course to another renovation which included a relocation of our non-fiction department and our main desk. In February 2018 the opening of the library’s Makerspace and Mediabox cemented the role of our library as a catalyst for learning, culture and creativity, enabling our patrons to play, explore and acquire 21st century skills.
During 2018 we have followed up with a redecoration and renovation of both the fictions department; targeting more on thematic presentations of materials, and creating a flexible space; a green lounge area for reading, relaxing and studying, and the children’s library, focusing more on natural science, creative spaces and more room for our youngest patrons. 

In this tour of the library you will also get to meet the coordinator of Campus Bindslevs Plads, Mette Ladegaard Laursen who will tell you more about this significant partnership between youth education institutions, the public schools, the community center, youth continuation school, one private school, the city’s school of music and arts, and the library.

The Library Garden of Risskov Library

Sunday 02 June 12.45 – 15.30
DKK 150 (20 Euro) including bus, coffee/tea, water & snacks.

Meeting point: Dokk1 Information Desk
Guide: Susanne Gilling
Participants min. 20 max. 50

Doing and telling. Wellness and sustainability in the library plots at Risskov Bibliotek.

Libraries are the bread and butter of creating strength and tranquility in an environment of change and turmoil. Combining doing and telling, beauty, wellness and sustainability. With a garden it gets just a little bit better. Empowerment might mean growing your own vegetables. Libraries are owned by the citizens. Growing your carrots in a library plot is a very tangible proof of that. Reading a book in the sun or children playing in the garden is another. Join us for a spell in the garden- if we are lucky – a spell in the sun. Meet staff and users of the garden.

Hosts: Anette Kaffka and Karina Høyer

Exploring Danish Wellbeing: An Inspiration Tour

Sunday 02 June 10-16.30 - SOLD OUT!

DKK 200 (EUR 27) incl. transportation and entrance fee.
It will be possible to buy lunch during the tour.

Participants: max 25. 
Guide: Julka Almquist

Join an inspiration tour through the city of Aarhus to explore the concept of wellbeing. Designer and researcher Julka Almquist, from the organization Field Experience, will be curating and leading the tour where the fundamental goal will be to expand ideas of what is possible in your library.
The group will visit a range of sites to learn about the Danish approach to wellbeing, and at the end of the tour, we will debrief the major concepts and transform them into ideas for your context.
Julka did a fantastic inspiration tour at the Berlin Next Library Satellite. If you are looking for new insights and inspiration you don't want to miss this opportunity!

We reserve the right to alterations & surprises!

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