Things to experience in Aarhus

Explore the World with Aarhus
31 May - 1 June

Explore the World with Aarhus is a 2-day city festival in Aarhus. The festival is about shopping, travel, and culture and it is an annually recurring tradition in Aarhus. Come and feel the fabulous atmosphere, enjoy the many activities, and find great shopping offers right through till midnight. 

Aarhus Pride

It is the goal and purpose of Aarhus Pride to make a day of celebration and fight for all, who can stand behind a diverse Aarhus and a diverse world, put love between humans in front and wants a future with equality for all. Aarhus Pride celebrates the progress made in Denmark and our part of the world. The diversity of human kind and the unity within the LGBTQIA+ community and all the allies.

The event is June 1 st. 11.00-18.00
18:00 - 05: After party

Rent a bike

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Aarhus Huckster Market

Every year at Aarhus Huckster Market over 200 traders put up their stalls at Tangkrogen. Here it is possible to buy almost everything, and quite possibly haggle down the prizes. The market is open June 1 st. 10.00-19.00

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Aarhus Theater: Rocky Horrow Show

June 1st, 3rd and 5th
Language: Danish

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The Permanent

The beach ‘Den Permanente’ (English: The Permanent) is by far the most popular beach in Aarhus, and it is only a 10-minute bike ride from the city centre. Here you will find lifeguards during the summer, changing rooms, toilet facilities, and a refreshment kiosk.

Photographer: RUNI Photopop

Copyright: VisitAarhus

The Habour Bath

The Harbour Bath opened in 2018, and it was immediately a big success. The Harbour bath have a 50 m pool, a pool for children and a pool for diving. In June the diving pool and the saunas will be open Saturday and Sunday, the promenade deck is open 24 hours a day throughout the year. The structure is designed by the famous Danish architect Bjarke Ingels (Group BIG).

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Photographer: Runolfur Gudbjornsson

Copyright: VisitAarhus

Aarhus Ø

The newest part of Aarhus is called Aarhus Ø. The old industrial harbor is has now become part of the city, with many new apartment buildings, and many more coming. But Aarhus Ø is more than just building, last year the Harbor Bath opened and a new sailsportscenter was opened, giving many of the most talented Danish sailors the optimal opportunities, trying to reach their goals of qualifying for world championships and the Olympics. Aarhus Ø also is used by many as a recreational area, where many people come and walk or run along the waterfront.

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Photographer: RUNI Photopop

Copyright: VisitAarhus

Salling Rooftop

Enjoy the beautiful view of Aarhus, from the roof of Salling department store. Salling rooftop opened in 2017, and it quickly became very popular with half a million visitors in the first 3 months. Besides the view of Aarhus, the rooftop also offers a café and a bar in a lush green conservatory, or try the skywalk, that has a platform where you can look down on the busy shopping street “Strøget” through a glass panel in the floor of the platform.

Opening hours:
Weekdays: 10.00 – 20.00
Saturday: 09.00- 19.00
Sunday: 10.00 – 18.00
June 5 th. closed

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Photographer: RUNI Photopop

Copyright: VisitAarhus

European Region of Culture – Big Culture Festival in the summer 2019

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Moesgaard Museum is located south of Aarhus surrounded by forest and close to the sea. Moesgaard is designed very much with its location in mind, and the roof is made like a grassy hill. Moesgaard Museum presents history and archaeology finds from Denmark in new and innovative ways. In March 2019 the World Cross Country Championships were held in the surroundings of Moesgaard and the roof was also included in the competitions.

Opening hours:
Monday closed
Tuesday – Sunday 10.00 – 17.00
Wednesday 10.00 – 21.00

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King Arthur - Open Air Performance by The Royal Danish Theatre at Moesgaard Museum

The stage is placed just outside of Moesgaard Museum, and the grass roof of Moesgaard will be used in the play. Each evening an audience of more than 3500 will witness more than 200 actors and volunteers riding on horses, battle and much more.

June 1st and 5th at 20:30.

Language: Danish

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Women's Museum

The Women’s Museum in Denmark is a state recognized national specialist museum with the purpose of researching, building collections and presenting knowledge of women’s lives and work in Danish culture-history.

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Stand-up Paddle Course

Standup paddle is a fast-growing sport, that many uses as a recreational activity. At Surfagency, it is possible to buy a 2 ½ hour introduction to standup paddle or try Standup paddle yoga.

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Photographer: RUNI Photopop

Copyright: VisitAarhus

Botanical Garden

Situated in the heart of Aarhus, the Greenhouses are a new and interesting attraction for both children and adults. Here you can go on a tour through some of the Earth’s climate zones, experience fascinating plants, and learn exciting things.

Opening hours (Greenhouses):
Weekdays 9.00 – 17.00
Weekends and holidays 10.00 – 17.00

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The Infinite Bridge

The Infinite Bridge was first shown in Aarhus, as a part of the exhibition “Sculptures by the Sea” in 2015. It became so popular that Aarhus Municipality bought the bridge. Since it has become very popular, The Infinite Bridge has been created by architect Niels Povlsgaard and Johan Gjødes. The bridge is for everyone, whether you want to take a swim from the bridge or just take a walk and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Photographer: Kim Wyon

Copyright: VisitDenmark

The Old Town - a Danish Open Air museum

Den Gamle By – “The Old Town” -  is a living picture of life in Denmark as it looked in the 1700s, 1800s and 1900s. Take a stroll down the streets and meet the people of a bygone era

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AROS - Aarhus Art Museum

ARoS is one of the most popular attractions in Aarhus, and it is one of the biggest art museums in Nothern Europe. Take a walk in Olafur Eliassons ”Your Rainbow panorama”, where you get a great view of Aarhus City, or get lost in the permanent exhibition the represents art from the 19 th. century up to present day art. This year there will be a special exhibition from April to August called “Tomorrow is the question”, where many international artists, is presenting art, that focuses on the near future, and the challenges it presents.

Opening hours:
Monday closed
Tuesday – Sunday 10.00 – 17.00
Wednesday 10.00 – 22.00

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Photographer: Willy Grauby

Copyright: ARoS Willy Grauby

Bazar Vest

If you want an alternative shopping experience in Aarhus, Bazar Vest is a good choice. In total there is more than 100 shops in the bazar, you will find fresh fruits, spices, bakeries and gift shops, all with a feel of the Orient.

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Sunday 10.00 – 18.00

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Powerty Walk

Try a city walk with a different approach to the city. If you choose to join a powerty walk, your guide will be either a homeless (former homeless) or a person who have had a drug addiction.

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