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Holy Shit! About the Wasted Power of Excrements and the Human Right to have a Toilet (SDG 6)

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A subject everybody is confronted with every day but nobody likes to speak about is the use of a toilet and the question where our Poo and Pee go. In many countries on the globe Pee and Poo are wasted, flushed away wasting another precious natural ressource: water.  Holy shit! It’s high time to talk about and to educate on this subject in a funny and substantial way! Being a freelance science journalist (based in Bremen, Germany but with international experiences) as well as  a recognized creator of Interactive Workshops for Libraries, Schools and Open Spaces I have adapted “Holy shit!” as an educative format, provocative and inspiring, and would love to present and improve my idea of entertaining and provocative education at NEXT LIBRARY  by getting feedback from international Library experts.

Why is this a topic worth talking about on a next library conference? Three strong reasons, resulting from different workshops and impulse formats I have created and conducted round this fundamental subject within the last three years for different targed audiences:
1. Power of Poo: Can we afford to not recycle human ‘leftovers’ in a climate crisis struck world where everybody is desperately looking for alternative sources for energy and heating? Using biogas produced from Poo is one sustainable solution which is working.
2. Transcultural Potential: discussing about toilet construction, the outfit items wanted and the cultural rules defined for using a loo is creating intense communication at eyelevel between peole from different countries, cultures and climate zones. The only really transcultural workshop for Bremen refugees and immigrants financed by Bremen the Social Senator in 2016 and 2017 was our “Toilet Talk”
3. Every Library has a Toilet – imagine if it did not? Fullfilling SDG No 6 – the human right to have clean water and a hygienic toilet – is the key to achieving many of the other SDGs

I’d love to come to Aarhus with my ‘teaching throne’ – the mobile composting toilet I use for interactive workshops in public libraries




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