All of our designs were selected by some portion of you as the favorite! I think this means that we have a strong set of designs. From what I could tell by the notes and "votes" ...

- we loved the concept and clear prototype of the "digital jukebox" for musicians

- we loved the name and concept of MUTE

- we loved the business plan / model that was designed by the "tourist" team, so much so that I think this group deserves "honorable mention"

BUT our favorite - by a bit of a landslide - was "The Happy Amateur" (congrats to this team!!)

Here's what I was left with after pondering over the last few hours: There were so many similarities in our designs today - so - why aren't we doing it already? 

thanks to you all for coming, and spending your time and energies with us for these hours.

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Jahuuuuuu - we won. Thanks for a great conference


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