Hello, I'm Chrystie and I'm the community relations director for OCLC. In my role I partner with private and public funders to deliver innovative programs that empower public libraries to lead their communities toward a vibrant future. (Great job, right?)

I'm honored to be co-facilitating this workshop; I'd love to hear from those who may also join us - can you please introduce yourself and indicate why you're interested in the program? This should give us a good start in making the best use of our short time together.

If you're interested, my very initial thinking on how we might organize the workshop is also attached. What are your thoughts and inputs? I look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi Chrystie - I think I am most interested in learning how we can start to build on the data that library users share with each other to make it easier for them to discover resources that excite them, meet a need for personally-driven learning, and ultimately make stronger connections with someone in their community.   How can we start to utilize our data and systems more effectively to get people into our physical spaces and allow them to explore or discover resources in a meaningful way and possibly connect with a person (library staff or community member) that helps them find these resources.  This could be through recommendation systems, lists, or (my personal preference) some great visualizations or other simple systems that drive serendipitous discovery of "awesome" stuff (see this for example - http://librarylab.law.harvard.edu/blog/2012/05/17/awesome-box-pilot/)

I am a program officer at the Gates Foundation with an interest in technology as a tool to form connections and the library as a vehicle to deliver technologies that do that.

I love the example - maybe we could quickly profile a number of different kinds of users / interests / priorities and then try to imagine / design / prototype against them. If we are to do this, we'll have to skip over the interest and sometimes concern about what *libraries* and their staff are interested in.


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