Next Library 2015

Next Library 2015 was the International Opening of Dokk1 the new library in Aarhus/Denmark

Five days of presentations, interactive sessions, networking events and inspiring site visits.

350 people from 30 countries + special guests joined the event called "incubator of emerging library ideas" and an opportunity to connect with library innovators from all over the world.  

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Next Library around the world: The Next Library bags travel around the world. Send us your pictures!

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Libraries on the European Agenda?!

Posted by Daniel Deppe on April 17, 2021 at 15:57 0 Comments

Public libraries, often referred to as third places, are lighthouses for education, exchange, inspiration and citizen engagement in European cities. However, they are rather invisible on the European agenda.

The action 'Raise awareness for public libraries in Europe' within the framework of the Urban Agenda for the…


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