Next Library 2021: Join Next Library and explore new paths for worldwide ideation, interactive learning and sharing! 

Let’s embrace the constraints! 

Next Library brings together library innovators from all over the world. Due to the pandemic, we will not be able to do so in June this year. However, we need to connect to the forward-thinking Next Library community more than ever! 

Building on inspiration from Next Library Advisory board, partners and friends, we are drafting new ideas for the Next Library community to find ways to create and share together embracing the constraints of the pandemic.  

And we are ready to share some of it with you today! 


New format: Next Library Online 2021 on June 3 

And yes: there will there be a Next Library event in 2021! Some of it will be online - some of it will be in the physical world. To make sure that it will be a truly global event we are happy to announce that on June 3 we will launch the first ever Next Library Online: a one-day event for everyone that wants to join. It will not be just yet another online seminar: it will be a digital experience that will feature new online formats and surprises!  


What more? We want to explore with you! 

Apart from the one-day event we also want to explore the possibilities for sharing, playing and creating together online. And of course - we want to do it with all of you! We hope to see new rituals and new formats pop-up in the days around June 3rd – and we can’t wait to start exploring how to make that happen that with you!  

The purpose of Next Library 2021 

The purpose of the 2021st Next Library is to bring together library innovators, library organizations, designers, politicians, and related partners from all over the world. 
Diversity, recognition, engagement, and network are key factors for success of reshaping Next Library events. 

 Help us learning:  

  • How might we expand and facilitate the Next Library as a common ground for connections and conversations (between professional peers and mentors), and encourage personal relations across the global library community
  • How does participants engage when meeting and celebrating is by distance? 
How might we better understand the meaning of Next Library as a network in the library field and how might we engage in other networks for bridging ideas, perspectives new partnerships?

Stay tuned 

We look forward to exploring all of this with you! During first half of 2021 we will continue rethinking the new Next Library 
We will get back to you with more information about next steps! Stay tuned for more news and updates! 

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Announcement: Keynote by Rolf Hapel at Next Library Festival

Posted by Next Library on May 17, 2021 at 11:00 0 Comments

We are very happy to announce that Rolf Hapel will join us at Next Library Festival on June 3. Rolf will give a keynote: Past the Post-Pandemic Libraries - What's Next?

Read more about the keynotes here.

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