Ignite Next Library Talks 2015

What is an Ignite Next Library Talk? Find to more about the Ignite Next Library Talks here! During the Festival you can experience a line-up of great and inspiring Next Library Igniters!

Find their presentations here.

Program for the Ignite Next Library Talks
Sunday 11.00-12.30

65,000 libraries: one story
Speaker: Ilona Kish, Programme Public Libraries 2020, Reading & Writing Foundation, Belgium 

Extreme Library Makeover and Mindshifts
Speaker: Erik Boekesteijn, Library Avenger, Doklab, The Netherlands 

How to change a librarian
Speaker: Julia Bergmann, Library Avenger, freelance trainer for information literacy and new technologies, Germany

Global librarianship: Turning global inspiration into local action in your library
Speaker: Jan Holmquist, Library Avenger, Denmark

Using library architecture to combat loneliness and encourage connections
Speaker: Melissa Wieser, Librarian, Allerød Library, Denmark

Interactive Soundscapes in the library - Shhhh! ?
Speaker: Asger Christensen, Spoink, Denmark

A World of Playfulness
Speaker: Mathias Poulsen, Counterplay, Denmark

Planning Library Spaces - When Someone Else Is Paying
Speaker: Daniel Cherubin, Chief Librarian and Associate Dean, Hunter College, CUNY (New York, NY, USA 

How to curate social media 
Speaker: Peter Alsbjer, Library Director, Örebro Public Library, Sweden 

Speaker: Mogens Vestergaard, Library Director, Roskilde Libraries, Denmark

Monday 10.00-11.30

Library Big Data? The process of creating better Search in library platforms using data science
Speaker: Madeleine Saunte, Strategic consultant, DBC, Denmark 

Story of the library as a living cookbook
Speaker: Emma Catiri , librarian, Biblioteca Zara, Milano, Italy

A colorful journey – children’s learning through play at the library in the Capital of Children
Speaker: Ole Bisbjerg, Head of Libraries and Community Service, Billund Municipality, Denmark

Taking user-generated data into the Holy Halls
Speaker: Søren Bitsch Christensen, City Archivist Aarhus City Archives, Denmark 

Libraries – agora’s of the 21. Century
Speaker: Sara Jørgensen, Head of development, Herning Libraries, Denmark




Libraries on the European Agenda?!

Posted by Daniel Deppe on April 17, 2021 at 15:57 0 Comments

Public libraries, often referred to as third places, are lighthouses for education, exchange, inspiration and citizen engagement in European cities. However, they are rather invisible on the European agenda.

The action 'Raise awareness for public libraries in Europe' within the framework of the Urban Agenda for the…


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