Online event on June 3

Next Library Festival 2021

When? June 3 - full day event. We will follow the sun around the planet!

Where?: Online

How much? Free

Sign-up: Book your ticket now

Let’s embrace the constraints! 

Next Library brings together library innovators from all over the world. Due to the pandemic, we will not be able to do so in June this year. However, we need to connect to the forward-thinking Next Library community more than ever! 

Building on inspiration from Next Library Advisory board, partners and friends, we are drafting new ideas for the Next Library community to find ways to create and share together embracing the constraints of the pandemic.  

Co-create the program with us

We have a call out for co-creators now


Join us on June 3 for a 24 hour event.  It will run 24 hours on June 3 starting at 8 am (UTC+2) following the sun around the planet to the next morning 8 am (UTC+2). 

It will not be just yet another online seminar: it will be a digital experience that will feature new online formats and surprises!  

June 3

08.00 (UTC+2): Good morning, good evening and good afternoon. Welcome session


Joy of Reading Award  / Systematic

Ignite Talks

TYL - Tour Your Library

Participatory Sessions

The Next Room


June 4


Ignite Talks

TYL - Tour Your library

Participatory Sessions

The Next Room


08.00 (UTC+2): Good morning, good evening and good afternoon. Closing Session

We reserve the right to alterations & Surprises




Libraries on the European Agenda?!

Posted by Daniel Deppe on April 17, 2021 at 15:57 0 Comments

Public libraries, often referred to as third places, are lighthouses for education, exchange, inspiration and citizen engagement in European cities. However, they are rather invisible on the European agenda.

The action 'Raise awareness for public libraries in Europe' within the framework of the Urban Agenda for the…


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