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Apply for the 2023 EIFL Public Library Innovation Award!

The 2023 EIFL Public Library Innovation Award – for public and community libraries in developing and transition countries that address any of three pressing global issues – is open for applications. 

Public and community libraries in developing and transition countries can submit their innovative projects addressing three critical global challenges:

  1. Safety Online: Embrace the digital age responsibly by promoting online safety and cybersecurity awareness. Share stories of your library’s efforts to educate and protect your community from online threats.
  2. Climate Change Action: Contribute to the fight against climate change through information dissemination and community mobilization. Tell us how your library uses ICT to raise climate awareness and empower local action.
  3. Digital Inclusion for Displaced Populations: Support forcibly displaced individuals by providing access to digital resources and teaching essential digital skills. Share your initiatives that promote digital rights and inclusion for this vulnerable group.

Select your area of focus and share your library’s inspiring story to enter the competition!


  • Each winner will receive a trophy, and a prize of US$1,500.
  • International publicity – EIFL will share your story widely through its publicity channels and wide network of contacts.

Applications will be accepted in English, French, Russian and Spanish. The deadline for applications is 20 November 2023 


English French / Russian / Spanish

Meet the winners of past awards.

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