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Prize winners bring play into their libraries

The four happy winners of the EIFL Public Library Innovation Award, for public libraries enabling learning through play, were celebrated at the opening of The NEXT Library Festival. The 16th award is supported by the LEGO Foundation, as part of the Foundation’s Build a World of Play campaign.

Congratulations to –

Biblioteca de la Creatividad in Colombia, which takes children on a playful journey that inspires them with a spirit of entrepreneurship and gives them the skills needed to create sustainable solutions to challenges faced in their community.

Eastlands Library in Kenya, which provides children with a wide range of creative learning through play activities, including storytelling, drawing, drama, building objects out of safe waste, and board games like chess and scrabble, in the safe space of the library after school hours.

Naujoji Vilnia Library in Lithuania, which helps children and families who are struggling to cope with emotional, mental health and behavioural problems to heal and build social relationships by engaging in therapeutic reading and storytelling activities in a virtual gaming environment.

Public Library ‘Radislav Nikčević’ in Serbia, which is improving children’s reading comprehension skills, imagination and creativity, and helping them to build friendships and gain a deeper understanding of the world around them by providing rich learning through play experiences.

Learn more about EIFL and the prize here:

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