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The Reflection Parlor

Both Monday and Tuesday


We’ve created the Reflection Parlor, inspired by the Burning Man Temple experience, to gift us all with a carthartic space to release, grow, and celebrate the changes experienced across these turbulent years.

When you enter the space there will be three pathways:

  • Release: Write or draw on the paper. Watch it dissolve into the water.
  • Grow: Draw on a pot. Take soil and charm to place inside. Find a seed at home and plant the whole thing. Place a pin in the map. Write on the label what you want to grow.
  • Celebrate: Send an uplifting message to a library worker. Pick a blank postcard. Write your name and work address. Hang it from the clips. Take a postcard with someone else’s address. Write a message. Place the finished postcard in the mailbox.

You may journey through one or all of the pathways and reflect in a way that feels right for you.



Erin Berman & Andrea Davis

Erin Berman, Learning Division Director at Alameda County Library in California, USA, is a fierce privacy advocate and former chair of the American Library Association’s Privacy Subcommittee. She led a privacy workshop at NEXT Library in 2015 and brought Library Hugs to the NEXT community in 2019.

Andrea Davis, Family Services Coordinator at Alameda County Library in California, USA, is a bridge-builder advocating for libraries in cross-sector spaces like SXSW Interactive, Burning Man Regional Networks, and art spaces. Originally from California, she has lived and worked in Central America, Eastern Asia and Europe, learning from communities around the world.

Time and place

Date: May 15, 2023
Time: 08:30 - 16:30
Room: The Ramp


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